Sunday, April 11, 2010

They're talking about us in Iowa City...

(Photo by Doug Wallick)
Here's Chris' post reprinted below -- the link to the original post on A Blog About School is  Check out the whole blog - it's very interesting.  I'm encouraged to see other parents speaking up.  Thanks Chris!

Some company in Connecticut

Apparently I am not the only parent driven to blogging by the use of the PBIS rewards program on our kids. I wish these parents the best, and would love to hear their thoughts as they push back against the assumption that our kids are best understood as objects to be manipulated rather than as human beings to be respected and engaged with.

I continue to believe that something like PBIS would never be initiated in a school system in which parents were the primary decisionmakers. Unfortunately, it seems like we are less and less in such a world (as I discussed here).

Here is as good a place as any for a compilation of previous posts on the topic of PBIS:

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And, since we’re on the subject of what an impoverished conception of our kids PBIS embodies, one more:

Quote for the day

"We tend to think, now, of the ideal family as a little hatchery for future contributors to the Social Security system, non-criminals who will enhance national productivity while lowering the cost per capita of preventable illness. We have forgotten that old American nonsense about alabaster cities, about building the stately mansions of the soul. We have lowered our hopes abysmally, for no reason obvious to me, without a murmur I have ever heard. To fulfill or fall short of such minor aspirations as we have now is the selfsame misery."

--Marilynne Robinson on "Family," in The Death of Adam

Thank you for your support Chris!!!!!!!!!!!!