Monday, April 19, 2010

Alternatives: Lost at School, Collaborative Problem Solving

From Dr. Ross W. Greene's Lost at School
“The wasted human potential is tragic. In so many schools, kids with social, emotional, and behavioral challenges are still poorly understood and treated in a way that is completely at odds with what is now known about how they came to be challenging in the first place.” READ MORE
A quote from Alfie Kohn found on the Lost at School site praising the book:
Greene removes all doubt: Even with challenging kids, rewards and punitive ‘consequences’ can (and should) be replaced with Collaborative Problem Solving. Lost at School is a detailed and immensely practical guide whose approach makes much more sense than behavior management plans and other tactics of control. It’s hard to imagine any educators, counselors, or parents who wouldn’t benefit from reading this book. And their kids will benefit even more.”

Alfie Kohn
Beyond Discipline and Punished by Rewards

More Information on Collaborative Problem Solving can be found at Lives in the Balance