Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A teacher offers advice and alternatives...

This comes from a teacher, written on's Discipline without Stress yahoo-group.  Thank you, Kerry!
Hi Aimee,

I just checked in at your blog. Good luck to the parents who go to your school meeting!

I don't know if the following links might help you to give the parents at your school some other visions for how schools can promote personal and social responsibility in ways other than rewards.

In my own K-6 school we have been using DWS for a number of years now. Last year I had an article published in Educational Leadership about a program we developed as a direct result of our staff study of the DWS textbook. In the article I explain some of the philosophy of DWS and how it was translated into a program of daily announcement questions. Although, obviously this little program is only a portion of how we promote high level personal and social behaviour at our school, it might give someone at your school (teachers or parents) a taste of what an alternative to PBIS could look like. Marv once said to me that audience members at his presentations often mention that there is a whole different "feel" to this approach and they are right, there is!

And there's another article that also might be of use. It's a two part article... the first part written by Marv explains how and why he developed his DWS approach. The second part was written by me and describes the results that my teaching partner and I saw almost immediately in our grade one classroom once we started to implement DWS.
As well, here's a post on the DWS blog that explains how my own staff greatly (and easily) improved the behaviour of the students at our regular school assemblies using ideas from DWS. Seven years later the behaviour in our assemblies remains near perfect. Originally we wanted to improve school assembly behaviour because kids were calling out, talking and even booing etc.

Once again, I hope that all your efforts get parents/teachers to start thinking and questioning!