Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another alternative: Responsible Thinking Process, Ed Ford

(Photo by Bill Barber)
I think BCS is fully capable of addressing issues of behavior on our own.  I do not necessarily think we need to buy a program.  However, if part of the appeal of PBIS is "having a program" then I offer alternatives to the incentive/token/reward based program PBIS offers.  

Here's an excerpt from Ed Ford's Responsible Thinking Process website:  
The Responsible Thinking Process is designed to help students develop a sense of responsibility for their own lives and respect for everyone around them. Ford describes it as a school discipline process that is radically different from traditional classroom discipline programs and school behavior management programs. It does not involve coercion, punishment, or rewards. READ MORE
Another excellent article from the website that gives a glimpse as to what it looks like at a school: Teaching Respect using RTP